Our desire is that children will come to a deeper understanding and love for the Rosary at an early age!

There are Rosary prayer aids for adults that include a scripture verse or reference for each bead to keep the mind from wandering, and the prayer more meaningful. We wanted to create something similar for children. If it is difficult for adults to stay focused, how much more for kids?  

This was the inspiration for the Bead by Bead Rosary Books, which we designed with delightful illustrations to accompany each bead of the Rosary. These images give children something to contemplate and keep them engaged as the scripture verses can for adults. 

Children's Catholic Rosary: Mary Mother of God, Hail Holy Queen, Blessed Virgin Mary

Our series includes a printed book, Joyful Mysteries, (the first of four) and a brand new iPhone/iPad App (which includes all four of the Mysteries - Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious) available for download now in both English and Spanish.  

The Bead by Bead Rosary Books were created by Sandy Rosetter with the help of her sister Stacey LeNeave who brought the Rosary to life through her beautiful illustrations. 

Our deepest hope is that this book will become a meaningful instrument in the development of prayer life in children (and maybe some adults too)!


I want to share this book with my grandchildren and school children—I anxiously await the upcoming Bead by Bead books!
— Margarete S. (grandmother and Catholic school principal)
Bead by Bead is an endearing crawl-into-the-lap Rosary meditation! The quality, visual impact is perfect for children learning this prayer. I will be using this book in my classroom!
— Diane E. (mother and kindergarten teacher)
A must-have book for all Catholic children! Simply sweet and meaningful pictures, a wonderful bedside prayer book.
— Lynn G. (mother and 5th grade teacher)


Bead by Bead Sisters.

Compiled by Sandy Rosetter
Illustrations by Stacey LeNeave


This series is dedicated, with love.

Father Brendan Jerry McMullen, OP